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If you are seeking a wooden rocking horse for sale, please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with up-to-date details of our wooden rocking horses for sale. Our stock of wooden rocking horses changes all the time, so the actual wooden rocking horses for sale at any one time varies.

If you are seeking a particular type of wooden rocking horse, please inform us, as there are wooden horses which may not be shown as for sale yet.

The wooden rocking horse for sale include wooden rocking horses from English rocking horse makers and British rocking horse makers in the UK.


Unfortunately, the 20th century saw a steady decline of rocking horse makers from their heyday. By the 1960s it looked as though this art was disappearing in the UK.  Fortunately a few enthusiasts have encouraged a revival of this ancient craft. Coupled with modern tool technology it is now possible to make beautiful hardwood horses in a reasonable time-scale and cost. As an investment in the future of a child, a wooden rocking horse remains a superb investment.

A beautiful rocking horse can bring a glazed ''far away'' look as it recalls a childhood favourite. It can also be a magnificent focal point item of furniture in the home.

The first stage is to cut out the various pieces for a horse using the templates, band-saw and planer/thicknesser. This is rather like a huge jigsaw puzzle, with several individual pieces for the head and neck, the four legs, and two halves of the body. The muscles are defined with extra sections in order to bring a sense of life to what would otherwise be a very flat and lifeless horse.

rocking horses for sale

Typically, several days are spent carving the head, which is the most important aspect for the character, detail and personality of the wooden rocking horse. I like to take my time, making it properly symmetrical. The legs have to be substantial, in order to take the strain. They are jointed into angled recesses in the lower body half and secured with large screws and glue.

At this stage, the horse is all squares and sharp angles. So, the next stage, which is to carve it into shape, so that the horse really comes alive and takes on its own individual characteristics. The skill of the carver, plying his ancient craft, really comes into its own.

Once the carving is completed, the finishing of the horse commences with multiple coats of gesso, an old recipe of rabbit-skin glue and gilder's whiting. The smooth surface that creates is perfect for the application of the coats of paint and, subsequently, varnish. Dapple grey has always been and remains to this day the most popular of colour and pattern.


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