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If you are seeking an antique rocking horse for sale, please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with up-to-date details of our antique rocking horses for sale. Our stock of antique rocking horses changes all the time, so the actual antique rocking horses for sale at any one time varies.

If you are seeking a particular type of antique rocking horse for sale, please inform us, as there are horses being restored by our antique rocking horse restorers and these may not be shown as for sale yet.

The antique rocking horses for sale include antique rocking horses from Lines, Ayres and others. We also have vintage rocking horses for sale.


Antique rocking horses certainly have a particular charm and fascination and many people have found the whole topic to be rather addictive. Old rocking horses have sometimes been handed down through families to successive generations as family heirlooms. They may have had a period of recuperation between generations in the garage, loft, shed, outhouse or similar. The arrival of a new baby is very often the trigger for the family favourite to be retrieved.

In most cases, however, the horse may have an unknown past as it turns up in an anitque shop or saleroom or auction. One wishes that these beautiful creatures could talk and tell their history and secrets!

rocking horses for sale

If you would simply like details of current stock or of antique rocking horses currently under restoration, please get in touch.



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